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SIA "Liepaja Coffee Factory" on March 27, 2014 signed a contract no. L-APV-14-0059 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency of the project "SIA" Liepaja coffee factory "the modernization" implementation.



Arabian coffee

Put a lump of sugar into the 100 ml coffee pot, pour on 80 ml of cold water and warm up till boiling. After that remove the coffeepot from the fire and pour into it 5-7 g (two tea spoonfuls) of finely ground coffee. After stirring it is put on the fire again and bring to a boiling state. After removing from the fire add water into the coffeepot and boil it for the second time.


Bavarian coffee

Stir two egg-yolks in an enamelled saucepan with 75 g of powdered or granulated sugar; add a cup of hot milk and a cup of strong, hot, black coffee. Put the mixture on the fire, stirring constantly, but not bringing it to the boiling point. Add gelatine, previously solved in several teaspoons of warm, black coffee. Finally pour the cream into small forms and put them into the fridge. The amount of gelatine must be taken depending on the volume of the liquid according to the recommended dosage instructions on the package of gelatine.


Warsawian coffee

Add 50 g of hot strong coffee to almost a full glass of hot milk and put sugar to taste. Boil. Beat slightly the boiling coffee, so that foam appears after which serve it.


Vienna coffee

Into a half-full glass of sweet hot coffee put approximately 40 g of sour cream beaten with one teaspoonful of sugar. While beating, a little vanillin and chocolate crumbs may be added.


Irish coffee

Two or three lumps of sugar and two or three teaspoonfuls of brandy may be added to a glass filled with strong black hot coffee. Add some cream or sour cream.

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