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SIA "Liepaja Coffee Factory" on March 27, 2014 signed a contract no. L-APV-14-0059 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency of the project "SIA" Liepaja coffee factory "the modernization" implementation.

Secrets of mastership


Aha, a sceptic will smile ironically to himself. They will start telling about abstract quality again and assure you that their product is the best. But this time you are mistaken, dear grumbler! We will be talking about quite concrete things and facts which will be hard to contradict even for the most ardent fan of varicoloured foreign labels. The fact that Liepaja coffee has a stable position in the market, and this, you see, was attained without a single dollar of credits and foreign investments - so to say, on one's own, - speaks for itself. The consumer's love cannot be conquered, and this is not necessary! Many Western experts who had tasted Liepaja coffee were surprised that no preservatives or flavourings were principally used in this product. And today this is great rarity for the Western production where flavour, or taste, is often created artificially at the expense of synthetic additives. It is not by accident that our enterprise had to combat "the pirates" several years ago, who were forging Liepaja coffee. But it is well-known that only brands which are on the run used to be forged. "The pirates" are not interested in goods lying on the shelves of the shop.

Now we are revealing another secret of Liepaja coffee. The point is that there is no general recipe for coffee! Each region of the world has its own fashionable taste. For example, the southerners are fond of strong, bitterish coffee. Conversely, the people of the Baltic region have a liking for the coffee from a sea town because of its mild, soft flavour with a hardly perceptible sourness, which "uncloaks" the presence of high-quality Arabica grain.


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